Features of LAGYY

As LAGYY is innovative and unique type of application, below please find a number of answers which will clear the idea of LAGYY application use and benefits.

Where do I get the LAGYY application and how I use it best?

Apple & Android users can find the application in their respective stores and download it directly to their mobile phone.

apple playstore

In light of using the application, best idea is first to register as LAGYY user, as after registration your account would be entitled to SEO/preferred search and LAGYY smart system would be able to notify you of potential opportunities, as per the search engine data analytics.

When the application will be officially launched?

LAGYY has been launched on the 22nd of Jan 2017.

What I can expect to see in the application?

The app has a number of sections listed below for your easier preview.

Each section has a number of subsections which are relevant to narrow down your search while using the application. After you have identified the final product to view all information relevant to you will be displayed, after which the choice is yours.

You may want to like and support brands and designers, or you might check their location and go directly to the outlet/company and see the product yourself.

Can I use LAGYY to buy items or services?

At this stage LAGYY platform doesn’t support any type of payment and it is not an online sale/shipping company. We find it almost impossible for instance to buy online very expensive wood material for flooring or mosaic tiles matching the existing kitchen cabinets style.