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How LAGYY can contribute to your business development?

Having in mind high purchasing power of Qatari nationals and constant influx of new migrants wishing to decorate their new homes, local home renovation market is huge and hard to be communicated at all times; in addition finding a reliable construction and designing company could also take time to identify.

How does LAGYY assist development of local businesses?

Until now, businesses were depending on various studies and researches related to how to create the customer or how many to expect in certain days/hours.

Many wonder how many Qatar residents are shopping for specific item today! And those are right because LAGYY can reveal that information.

What makes LAGYY different than other advertising tools present in Qatar market?

Newspapers, magazines, classifieds are not accessible at all times to potential customers. This is why digital advertising in a form of LAGYY application is the best way how to instantly communicate new products and offers in just several seconds. All you need is LAGYY application, mobile phone and access to internet and after a minute, the item is already in hands of thousands of potential clients.

The whole process requires a lot of money, sometimes licenses from relevant authorities and valuable time that can be used for creating customers and collecting profit. LAGYY will change all of those organizational and costly procedures in just a minute of your time.

It is our intention to create an interacting, easy-to- access digital environment for over 25.000 Qatar households, distributers of home building equipment, materials and items, construction and designing companies enabling families to find what they are looking for and companies to provide the products and services as per the wish of the client.

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