LAGYY is B2B&C digital, business development platform enabling more visibility for potential end users 24/7. It has been created for the markets characterized with a constant migration flow and cluttered offer of home building and renovation materials.

It offers all relevant data to potential buyer in a form of a photo, dimensions, colors availability, store locator, contact details, website,… and many more options relevant to buyers making the choice of buying the particular item.

LAGYY LLC is a Qatari company established in 2014 in Doha, Qatar with the mission to offer Qatar market a unique and tailor-made model of advertising and promoting Qatari owned businesses among country residents.

Qatar Ministry of Telecommunication and Transport & Ministry of Trade and Business have endorsed the project as a part of their initiative to support locally owned businesses and assist local and expatriate community wishing to level up their standard of living.

Vision of LAGYY is to become regional leader in creating commercial ties between local population and technologically advanced brands being present in regional markets.

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